Thursday, February 19, 2009

A gift from Mary DiBiasio.

Artist Mary DiBiasio visited us recently and sent us a following visual gift from her visit:

Mary has started photographing intensively in the last several weeks and we're curious to see what will come out of this transition from very tactile, collage-based print into digital photographic print. We're also happy to see that she found our windows so inspirational! You can see more of her recent photographic work on her blog.

A full disclosure: Mary is both a personal friend and a friend of WPCA. She is my studio-mate and we showed here together in the fall of 2006, together with Keith Christopher Nelson. Mary was also in the exhibition "Art in Balance: Conflict and Harmony" with Heather M. Wiedeman and Benjamin John Van Male in the spring 2008, so as you can see her and WPCA have quite a history already. Here you have it!

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