Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cultural quiz time (again)!

In the recent days, Mary Louise Schumacher of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has been posting answers to her quiz "How well do you know your cultural scene?" on her blog, Art City.

If you have had difficulties with the quiz, we wanted to propose an alternative: you can figure out the answers to Mary Louise's questions by responding to our very own set of queries below. If you do so, you will certainly be enlightened on some important aspects of Milwaukee's cultural scene.

Here are our questions:

1. What public installation organization displayed "You are Beautiful," a collaborative effort brought to Milwaukee in conjunction with Chris Silva's "Public Display of Affection" installation at WPCA?

2. Who curated "Please Love Me" at WPCA?

3. Name the contemporary gallery whose owner did his college internship at WPCA?

4. Which spoken word artist conducted a writing series and performance at WPCA?

5. Which publication presented a review of WPCA's Annual Members Show exulting its celebration of the "democracy of art"?

6. What prestigious annual award was received by Mat Rappaport, Fred Stonehouse, Gary John Gresl, Faythe Levine, Colin Matthes and Nicolas Lampert who exhibited at WPCA?

7. Students from what UWM Department will again present their annual Milwaukee Underground Film Festival at WPCA in May? Which faculty member of this UWM Department coordinated the exhibition "Driving East through Indian Country" at WPCA?

Thanks to Gary for his witty questions.
Last, but not least, comes my question:

8. As inferred from the questions above, could you live without WPCA?

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