Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WPCA to feature artist members for Gallery Night and beyond!

WPCA has always enjoyed an extraordinary support of the local community. Our artist members and volunteers have been the life and blood of our organization and recently, have had ample opportunities to prove their loyalty.

Jean Sobon, Gravitation, collage, 10" x 13"

For the past three months we have been working extremely hard moving the Center, cleaning up the old space (imagine what a job it was after 17 busy years) and renovating the building at 839 South 5th Street. Working with a shoestring budget we created two galleries, changed configuration of the walls, laid down and finished new floors, painted the entire space and are about to install spiffy track lighting. These are just the big projects – it is hard to account for all the mundane and detailed tasks that have also been completed. We would have never been able to accomplish all this without the help and contribution of our artist-friends. They dedicated a lot of their time and talent and we will never be able to fully pay back our debt. Over 70 people spent uncountable hours cleaning, hauling garbage and ripping out old tile. It’s been a truly extraordinary effort. We are thankful to them all!

Richard Knight, Studio Heap, mixed media on paper, 36" x 48"

With our sparkling new facility, we can showcase the work of our members on a regular basis and we are looking forward to curating them into a variety of exhibitions. On the Spring Gallery Night, April 16th, we will start by featuring the work of our special friends who have been essential in our recent endeavors.

We are proud to display works by:

Keith Nelson, untitled, encaustic on panel

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