Saturday, November 7, 2009

Faces of Día de los Muertos

Many, many thanks to over 320 attendees of the Día de los Muertos celebration: artists, friends and neighbors, who came to participate in the special festivities of the night. As always, Rosa Zamora brought together an unforgettable, diverse group of people to create the ofrendas for the loved and important ones who passed away. The evening was full of attractions for anyone from age 1 to 101: from yummy food and snacks, sugar skulls meticulously crafted by Rosa herself, face painting by Eriks Johnson, to wonderful traditional music by the Mexican trio and a lecture on Oaxacan tradition of the Day of the Dead by Dara Larson and Dan Leister of Alverno College.
I know we haven't been very good about posting recently, so I hope that a small sampling of our pictures from the evening will make up for the lack of posts.

Gary Tuma and our artist members, Paula Schulze and John Fatica
. Beautiful hand-cut flags above their hands were meticulously prepared by Rosa.

This amazing mural was created by Armando Gallegos, who spent a long week crafting his piece.

Eriks Johnson's face-painting services were in such high demand by both children and adults alike, that he didn't leave his chair until 9.30 pm. Water and snacks were brought to him by nice volunteers. Waldek Dynerman of MIAD looks on as Eriks is starting his another creation.

The altar by Ximena Sosa "We can't stop a bullet but we don't have to shoot" is created to commemorate victims of gun violence.

Ximena Soza and Cristian Muñoz, who also created an ofrenda for this years' exhibition.

Educational team extraordinaire: WPCA's Director of Education, Kate Bradley (right) and Teresa Lauer.

Lona Long Velasco, our Board President and curator, Rosa Zamora.

Eriks hard at work - he seriously did not stop for 3 hours!

Cristian Muñoz, Ximena Soza and Rosa Zamora.

Antv Antinao created an altar dedicated to the Mapuche people (living in nation of Chile) he descends from.

Dara Larson of Alverno College.

The Board: Lona Long Velasco and Morgyn Stanahan.

Gary Tuma, Dale Christiansen, Pegi Taylor Christiansen.

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