Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank you sent to Alderpersons

The following communication was sent to all the Alderpersons who voted in favor of the Zweig project on behalf of WPCA.

"On behalf of Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, our board, staff, artist and community members and the many young people we serve through our art education program, thanks for your support of the Zweig public art commission. We know that art education is thoroughly realized through exposure to an array of art forms and creative interpretations. Public art that introduces our residents to new concepts through hands on interaction is a most winning formula. The Zweig project accomplishes this most creatively using local artists and resources. Our art education program at WPCA is called “Hands On” for this very reason. Zweig’s project can and will inspire Milwaukeeans to a new appreciation for art in all its forms. Public discussion of art, and indeed public debate, is one of the essential tools in this educational process."

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