Thursday, March 5, 2009

Calling all members: proposals for the Milwaukee Artist Marketplace.

On Saturday, July 25, 2009 (Gallery Night and Day weekend) there will be an outdoor local Artist Marketplace Day at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The goals of the Marketplace are to provide the community access to locally created artwork and to foster partnerships between local arts organizations, the Museum and the community.

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts has about 6 spots available for its members at the event. Due to significant interest in the Marketplace, this year we would like to select WPCA members who would represent us at the Marketplace through jurying process. In return, WPCA will cover the $ 50 booth fee as a benefit of membership at WPCA.

To be considered for participation at the Milwaukee Artist Marketplace, please submit:
  • an artist statement,
  • a short bio,
  • 4 images representative of the work that would be shown at the Marketplace,
by March 31st, 2009.

Send all the materials electronically to:

or by snail mail:
Dorota Biczel Nelson
Walker’s Point Center for the Arts
911 W. National Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53204

You must be a WPCA member in good standing to apply.

Here’s an excerpt from the guidelines provided by the Milwaukee Art Museum:
  1. Open to local artists 18 years or older who are invited to participate by the designated partnering organizations.
  2. Artists or representatives from partnering organizations must be in attendance during the entire marketplace. No agents, dealers, or representatives may attend in place of the artist.
  3. The Artist Marketplace is designed for local Milwaukee area artists and artisans who create and execute original professional quality work.
  4. Ineligible items include items made with commercially available molds or patterns or any items produced commercially (such as t-shirts) or by anyone other than the artist. No kits or hobby crafts. It is understood that some assemblage artwork may include found items. Professional presentation of work is mandatory.
  5. Reproduction Policy: Offset lithographs and giclées of original works on display are acceptable only if each one is labeled REPRODUCTION. Reproductions may not be framed or hang on the walls of the booth. They may be displayed in one (1) bin in a non-prominent area of the booth. Reproductions in the form of postcards and note cards of work may be displayed on one (1) small table or pedestal. No other types of reproductions are allowed. All reproductions may consume no more than 20% of the entire booth space.
  6. The digital art category is defined as an original work for which the artist used a computer to execute the original image. Such works must be in limited editions, signed and numbered, and on archival quality materials. No Xerox copies.
  7. Booth spaces are 10’ x 10’. Artists are responsible for providing their own self-supporting displays. If you are planning on bringing a tent, it must be white. No stakes, nails or other supports may be driven into pavement or walls; no ropes may be strung across walkways. Tables must be covered on all sides. Cartons, etc., must be out of sight. Bring protection from sun or sudden showers. All vehicles must be removed prior to the opening of the marketplace and should not return until the close of the event. No electricity is provided. No banners other than name of the artist or artist’s organization may be displayed at booth.
  8. Participants are prohibited from distributing literature of, or promoting in any other manner, any religious, fraternal, foundation, political, or commercial organization. Literature and information pertaining to the artist’s work or affiliated artist organization are permitted.
  9. Participants are responsible for the security of their work. Neither the Milwaukee Art Museum, nor ABEA, AC Art Association, Artist Enhancement Program (Goodwill), Bay View Arts Guild, CoPA, Hmong Women’s Professional Circle, League of Milwaukee Artists, MARN, MATA, Riverwest Artist Association, Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, WDCC, WVA or any other participating organizations will assume any responsibility for any loss or damage to any artistic works or display materials from any cause whatsoever.
  10. Artists are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance along with their application. If an artist doesn’t have liability insurance, the artist MUST sign the Milwaukee Artist Marketplace Liability Waiver included in the application packet.
  11. Artists are solely responsible for collecting monies for work sold and for obtaining all licenses or permits required for the sale of his/her product to the public. Copies of such licenses/permits shall be submitted along with the Artist Application. For more information on the permit process, please contact: State Sellers Permit,
  12. Artists should include a short bio and if you want to have your work considered for publicity purposes, submit one representative 300 DPI electronic image.
  13. By signing the Artist Application Form, the artist is agreeing to the guidelines outlined in this document. All procedures and rules stated in this document will be strictly enforced.

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